Press release

The LVMH group notes today’s decision by the President of the Paris Court of Appeal, which confirms the charges against eBay of the Paris Commercial Court. Through an injunction, the Commercial Court had ordered eBay to cease selling perfumes and cosmetics bearing the Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy and Kenzo brand names, failing which they would incur penalty payments of Euro 50,000 per day. Besides this, the Commercial Court had ruled that eBay should prevent its internet site users from using these brand names. This decision, which responds entirely to the demands of the LVMH group, confirms the seriousness of the faults committed by eBay’s sites. It also confirms the significance of the legal precedent set by the Paris Commercial Court’s judgement on 30 June 2008. Today, eBay has also been ordered to pay Euro 10.000 under article 700.