Les Journées Particulières : LVMH opens its heritage sites to the public on 15 and 16 October

The Maisons of the LVMH group are delighted to welcome the public into their most symbolic heritage sites: workshops, vineyards, private mansions, family homes and historic boutiques… More than 25 sites will be opened to the public during these two days in France – both in Paris and the provinces – as well as in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Poland. All of the major Maisons within the Group will take part in the event.

These two days will above all be a celebration of the diversity of skills, artisan knowledge and the tradition of excellence which flows through the Group. It is this culture of impeccable craftsmanship, transmitted from generation to generation and diligently upheld in each of the Maisons, that has enabled the global success of these brands. “Les Journées Particulières” will reveal the locations where this significant artisanship takes place and will honour the unparalleled human heritage which drives LVMH in its vocation to service its clientele throughout the world.

“These locations are living treasures and are the setting for the exceptional talent within each of the Group’s Maisons. We are delighted to open them to the public and we hope that the visitors will be as moved and amazed as I am each time I visit them. Each Maison possesses its own heritage and individual relationship to excellence and innovation. Brought together in one group, these Maisons support each other and share their communal passion for perfection, both in the diversity of the traditions which inspire them and in the innovation and modernity which has given them their global prestige. We welcome you all,” said Antoine Arnault, Chief Executive Officer of Berluti and LVMH Board Member.

These skills can not be dissociated from the locations or the histories from which they came. The high-end wine and spirits tradition is of course inseparable from the unique land owned by the Group, which includes areas in the Champagne region, Bordelais, Charente and Scotland. The leather goods, fabric, perfume, jewelry and watch traditions also have their roots in ancient and fertile lands: Paris and numerous French provinces, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the Hautvillers Abbey, the workshops on Avenue Montaigne, Place Vendome and Asnières. Each of these places have a unique power to both evoke and preserve the memories of the major creations which were born in them, inspiring the imagination of the creators and artisans who work there each day. These locations, where the most reverent respect for the handicraft is passed on, is also where the most audacious creations are made: in each Maison, traditional craftsmanship is at the service of a powerful creativity which is being constantly renewed.

These emblematic locations, which are in most cases fully functioning places of work, are in themselves important sites of architectural heritage. The LVMH group has made significant investments in restoration and improvements to conserve – and often strengthen – the identity of these sites and the Maisons which they symbolise. The Group’s Maisons are animated by the architectural excellence that surrounds them, which embody the same concerns of authenticity and perfection which the brands show towards their products. Across its Maisons, the LVMH group will rely on its world renowned architects to renovate numerous buildings so they have significant heritage values, and will lead large scale contemporary architectural projects destined to become the heritage of the centuries to come.

On the 15 and 16 October the public will be invited to discover the heritage of the Maisons and artisan handicrafts of the LVMH group. This event will, as of 20 June, be part of a Group publicity campaign to unveil the symbolic handicraft activities within each of its Maisons.

Events: – Opening of historic locations (sites, parks and gardens, permanent collections) – Conferences on handicrafts / Demonstrations on the artisan techniques by employees of the Maisons – Temporary exhibitions – Workshops for the young – Evening events

Individuals can subscribe on the Internet and present their invitation at the entrance.