LVMH launches innovative mentoring program with Solar Impulse co-founders and pilots



As Solar Impulse completes its flight across North America, LVMH unveils a groundbreaking mentoring program with the co-founders and pilots of the first airplane to attempt an around the world flight powered only by solar energy. This original initiative resonates with the bold spirit of Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, serving as a model for six LVMH Group managers who are leading strategic projects.

Solar Impulse embodies a desire to surpass limits, take risks and drive innovation. Because they share these values, Moët Hennessy—a longstanding official partner of Solar Impulse—and the LVMH Group decided to join this extraordinary adventure.  LVMH has established a special mentoring program with the Solar Impulse pilots to leverage the messages championed by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg.


Consistent with LVMH’s longstanding focus on developing top talents, this mentoring program enables six managers to directly benefit from the guidance and unique experience of Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg. Mentoring will center on exchanges and regular contact with the pilots and Solar Impulse teams. The program will revolve around three key success factors for achieving a project: endurance and resilience, team spirit and leadership, and lifelong learning & vision. The one-year mentoring program was officially launched on February 12 at a conference attended by the pilots, during which they shared their vision and spoke with participants.

“Solar Impulse is a project that promotes a pioneering spirit. Sharing our experience with entrepreneurs from the LVMH Group is a great opportunity for all of us to join in the adventure of exploration and continually challenge ourselves,” noted the pilots.

The 130 people invited to the event included 60 managers in charge of challenging and innovative projects who were invited to apply for the mentorship. The six managers selected embarked on this unprecedented adventure in February, and exchanged with the pilots regularly via phone calls and regular contact. Two of them will have the unique opportunity to meet them in New York while they are preparing for the cross over the Atlantic.