Dom Pérignon 2006, the fifth successive vintage year

ワイン & スピリッツ


With the announcement of Dom Pérignon 2006, the Champagne house has declared a vintage for the fifth consecutive year, an unprecedented decision in the history of the label. This series of five vintages reflects exceptional climate conditions and the importance accorded to time.

The third millennium looks very promising indeed for Dom Pérignon, beginning with a prodigious first decade, recalling the 1920s and 1960s. Five harvests of superb quality have resulted in five successive vintages, a memorable first in three hundred years of champagne-making. Dom Pérignon is resolutely committed to achieving the fullest expression of each year and steadfastly refuses any compromise. Each vintage is an act of creation.

© JY Recht pour Dom Pérignon

Of the five vintages, four of the harvests have had great ripeness. The 2006 is characterized by  generosity, made possible by taking the risk of allowing time to work its magic. Following a grape harvest that lasted nearly four weeks, maturation in the cellar was unhurried. This is also an emblematic signature of Dom Pérignon, which is revealed by time – the time the grapes are left on the vines and the time the wine is cellared. The result is both the continuation of a unique heritage and an invitation to creativity.