“Confidences Particulières” podcasts, for a behind-the-scenes peek at exceptional savoir-faire



Les Journées Particulières returns soon with an even bigger edition spanning 5 continents: 56 Maisons will welcome the public to 77 different venues, 39 of them new this year. For an advance taste of three very special days on October 12, 13 and 14, tune in to “Confidences Particulières”, a series of 13 podcasts featuring the passionate people who are emblematic of the LVMH Group and its values.

LVMH invites the public a little further into the incredibly vast and diverse world of its Maisons with an exclusive collection of audio tour podcasts called “Confidences Particulières”.

Journalist and podcast host Julien Cernobori went to speak with LVMH Group artisans where they work and create. From a cellar in Champagne to the peaceful banks of Lake Geneva or the studious silence of a Paris shoemaking workshop, he listens to women and men who share their tremendous pride in their métier, love for their terroir and obsession with perfection.

These are stories of passion, accounts of unique lives amidst the little seen secrets of LVMH Maisons, such as Bulgari, Château d’Yquem, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Sephora and Dior. The “Confidences Particulières” series of 13 exclusive podcasts on the Journées Particulières website and download platforms (Soundcloud, Podcast Addict and Apple Podcast).


“A mechanical watch is an emotion, an heritage, a savoir-faire, a piece of History. It has a soul.”
One of the true icons of the watchmaking industry, Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of LVMH Watches (Hublot, TAG Heuer, Zenith) shares his experience of a lifetime in watchmaking and reveals some of his multiple source of inspiration.


“The ultimate goal for a sommelier is to become Master Cellar. But for me, the most important thing is to keep learning.”

Caroline Fiot, oenologist at Ruinart, explains in our second episode of “Confidences Particulières” how she joined the prestigious champagne House.


Did you ever wonder what was behind each unique pair of bespole Berluti shoes?

Jean-Michel Casalonga, Master Shoemaker of the Prestigious Parisian House, tells you everything and more about his craft.


“What makes a fragrance beautiful is the balance within the ingredients.”

Francis Kurkdjian grew up in a happy and creative family, which imbued in him a sense of spectacle and a love of clothes and parties. In his Parisian studio, he recalls with amusement a letter that changed the course of his life.


“The Chaumet method is to say that we will succeed”

What could have happened in Benoît Verhulle’s childhood for him to start working as a jeweler when he was 15? He relates his moving story in the Chaumet workshops on the Place Vendôme which he now heads, and shares his love of fine jewelry with us.


The laughter of Rachel Desblés rings out in the heart of the Château d’Yquem vineyards, where she lovingly tends the vine stands. To the strains of La vie est Belle by Indochine, she perpetuates the traditional methods she learned working alongside her aunt Danièle.

This content is not intended to be listened by persons under the alcohol legal drinking or buying age in their location of residence. Not for use in locations with restrictions on alcoholic beverages advertising.


“I’m seeking the soul of the stone, so I can hand it on”

Lucia Silvestri admires her gemstones by the light of her window overlooking the Tiber, likening them to people. She tells us of the magic she experiences daily, in this line of work that she would never have gone into if she hadn’t suddenly been smitten one day while on work placement…


“We’re creators of eyewear – we take the concept and bring it to tangible fruition”.

Against the breath-taking backdrop of the Dolomites, Daniel Tomasin, Prototype Laboratory Manager at Thelios, tells us how lucky he feels to have started out at square one. Not very fond of school as a child, he describes how his adulthood has been a quest for creation and novelty.



“I give a soul to the fabric”.

On the fifth floor of the Christian Dior Couture workshop, amongst the rolls of fabric and dressmakers’ dummies, Christian Dior dresses come to life under Isabelle André’s, Leading Highly Skilled Hand, deft hands. Cultivating her mastery of couture ever since she could hold a needle, Isabelle André softly relates her fairy tale to us.



“Fragrance is a form of expression”.

You need a nose to be a perfume designer, but there’s much more to it than that. It’s about alchemy, mystery, imagination… all these things that are built up from your earliest years. Thierry Wasser, master perfumer at Guerlain, gives a passionate portrayal of his craft, a lifetime’s work.



“You can be someone different every day – that’s one of things I like best about my job”

A huge Sephora store stands at the corner of 5th Avenue and 47th Street. This is where Myiesha Sewell wields her expert brushes to the rhythm of the catchy pop tunes played on the sound system. Having been greatly influenced by her grandmother, Myiesha tells us why makeup is a such a great tool for boosting self-esteem.



“I want to do something that will last”

With his gentle, reassuring voice, Christophe Pierre takes us on a journey to Cognac. A cask-maker since the age of 18, he helps us discover the importance of our senses. Working alongside his childhood friend, he perpetuates the skills of his trade to leave his mark for posterity.


“Cultivating flowers is magic – it’s a little girl’s dream come true”

The Clos de Caillan sounds like the kind of name for a village that you’d find in a fairy tale. Maybe there was a hint of providence intervening when Armelle Janody went for a walk around her new home. How did chance lead her to become the grower of perfumery plants for Parfums Christian Dior.